Hartke and Victor Wooten Showcase New LX Series Bass Amplifiers at NAMM 2020

Hartke and Victor Wooten partner up to show off some amazing new Bass amplifiers at NAMM 2020. See the below press release from Hartke

Hartke is celebrating the release of the new LX series bass amplifiers with Hartke artist Victor Wooten at NAMM 2020. Victor will also be taking over the Hartke Instagram and Facebook pages throughout the show, so be sure to follow us on social media to keep up to date with Victor. 

For those attending, feel free to stop by, plug in to the new LX amps and experience live performances and impromptu jams with some of the biggest names in bass. The Hartke booth is located at 6410, Hall C at the Anaheim Convention Center from January 16–19. Check with a Hartke representative at the show on dates and times for scheduled Victor appearances at the Hartke booth.

Pushing Boundaries of Lightweight Bass Amplification

We’re setting a new standard for bass amplifiers at the start of the new decade and are encouraging bass players to push the boundaries of their playing and sound. The new and innovative LX8500 and LX5500 are lightweight class D amplifiers, weighing under nine pounds, produce 800-watts and 500-watts of real continuous power and are paired with a rich sounding, tube-driven preamp with Hartke tone stack EQ.

The LX8500 is our highest power mono amplifier ever developed by Hartke.

*The amplifiers have been be tested using a 55Hz sine wave for 8 hours in a 100° F (40° C) chamber and they ran at power for 8 hours uninterrupted.

Class A Tube Tone

The LX series amps feature a Class A tube preamp that responds dynamically to any playing technique or instrument. The Hartke Tone Stack EQ section is tailored to the bass guitar and provides players the ability to dial in a variety of tones for any genre.

Onboard Effects

LX series amplifiers include an all new integrated Drive control that can be adjusted to add a touch of grit to cut through or maxed out for an authentic fuzz tone. A variable Compressor knob can be used to smooth out transients and balance dynamics for players that employ slapping, tapping and thumb-picking techniques.


In honor of the magnitude of this announcement, we partnered with Hartke artist Victor Wooten for the #SoundCheck2020 campaign. Whether you’re a famous artist or a local band, a soundcheck is an important step in ensuring your sound is flawless. With that being said, LX series bass amplifiers are the perfect tool to accompany artists into the new decade for an exciting audio experience. 

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