How to DJ back-to-back

DJing back-to-back (also known as B2B) is a popular style of DJing where two DJs play together, often taking turns to play tracks and create a seamless, continuous mix.

Here are some tips for DJing back-to-back:

Plan ahead:

Before you start DJing B2B, it's important to plan ahead and discuss your plans with the other DJ. Decide on a theme for your set and discuss the type of music you'll be playing, as well as any potential transitions or special moments you want to create.

Use a DJ mixer:

A DJ mixer is a crucial tool for DJing B2B, as it allows both DJs to control the music and transitions. Make sure both DJs have their own channel on the mixer and can adjust the volume and other settings independently.

Stay in sync:

When DJing B2B, it's important to stay in sync with the other DJ to create a seamless mix. This means matching the tempo and key of the tracks you're playing and using smooth transitions to move between tracks.

Take turns:

One way to DJ B2B is to take turns playing tracks, with one DJ playing a track and then passing the mixer to the other DJ to play the next track. This allows both DJs to showcase their individual styles and keep the mix interesting.


Communication is key when DJing B2B. Make sure to talk to the other DJ and discuss your plans for the mix, as well as any potential surprises or special moments you want to create. This will help you stay in sync and create a cohesive, exciting mix.

Overall, DJing B2B can be a fun and exciting way to perform and showcase your skills as a DJ. By following these tips, you can learn how to DJ B2B and create seamless, dynamic mixes with another DJ.


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