Hartke Announces the Arrival of its HD500 Bass Combo

Looking for an action-packed Bass guitar amplifier? See the below press release from Hartke

Newest HD Series Model Packs 500W, 2x10" HyDrive Speakers at 35lb

Hartke, an industry leader in bass amplification, today announces the arrival of its HD500 Bass Combo, the latest addition to the brand's popular HD Series. The high-powered, lightweight HD500 Bass Combo packs two 10" Hartke patented HyDrive speakers with rare earth neodymium magnets, a 500-watt Class D amplifier into a sleek enclosure weighing only 35 pounds. The HD500 provides exceptional bass tone to any rehearsal, stage or studio.

The HD500 features Hartke’s patented HyDrive speakers that transformed speaker technology by blending paper and aluminum materials into a speaker cone that produces an exceptional blend of warmth and attack that can't be attained by traditional all-paper cones. The use of rare earth neodymium magnets helps to maintain lightweight portability without sacrificing any of the legendary Hartke attack.

The HD500 includes a selectable Shape control that can be used to activate a specialized preset EQ curve designed to improve tone through selective boosts and attenuations across the frequency range. The adjacent variable Shape filter, as well as a 3-band EQ, provides further tone customization.

Available now (September 21, 2017).

Click here to check out the Hartke HD500

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