Wharfedale Pro announce new TITAN X models

Introducing the brand new Titan X passive and Active loud PA speaker range from Wharfedale Pro. See the below press release from Wharfedale Pro

Active and Passive | Portable and Versatile.

For many years the name ‘Titan’ has become the benchmark for portable and versatile loudspeakers. Wharfedale Pro TITANs are used day in, night out around the world in almost every audio environment imaginable. 

The new Titan AX (active) and Titan X (passive) models are the first in the Wharfedale Pro lineup to use the all-new IRIS X compression driver.  Designed and built entirely in-house by Wharfedale Pro, IRIS (Acronym of Increased Radius, Increased Sensitivity) compression drivers feature improved heat dissipation to avoid thermal distortion and are simply more efficient.

In addition, to harness the power of the IRIS compression driver, an all-new hybrid symmetry horn has been developed delivering smooth 100° x 80° HF dispersion.

Internally the gas assist injection moulding design has been strengthen to deliver increased rigidity.  This improved cabinet strength reduces the risk of any physical distortion at high volume.

The 15” models feature massive 3” LF voice coils to reduce the risk of thermal damage.  In addition the cone material of the LF drivers has improved moisture rejection allowing a new Titan to be used in even more hostile installation environments.

Active models are bi-amplified by Class D amplifiers and include an entirely new 6-position DSP section.  This DSP provides sophisticated internal loudspeaker management functions including limiting, compression, signal delay, dynamic boost, dynamic cut, crossover control and parametric EQ. All of these available parameters have been optimised by Wharfedale Pro to create 6 user-friendly pre-sets including Monitor, Speech, Bass, Punch and an exclusive mode called “Live”. This Live mode applies different DSP settings to each of the 2 analogue inputs - perfect for solo entertainers using a mic and a line level source.

All models feature a standard 35mm speaker pole socket. Cord wrap and cable anchor features are also moulded into the enclosure. 10 * M8 threaded rigging points are also provided for a variety of safe flying configurations with four of these inserts available, bottom-mounted.

The newly developed features of TITAN have not added to weight and the new TITANs remain one of the lightest powered loudspeakers in their class.

Four new models are announced and are available in black or white finishes.  

TITAN X12 Passive, 8Ω, 1000w peak, 128dB SPL

TITAN X15 Passive, 8Ω, 1600w peak, 129dB SPL

TITAN AX12 Active 600w peak

TITAN AX15 Active 840w peak


New IRIS X HF Compression Drivers 

New 3" LF voice coils on 15” models (2.5” on 12” models) 

New Proprietary 100° x 80° Hybrid Symmetry Horn design

New DSP functions on active models

Strengthened laminar rib flow construction

Improved moisture rejection

Available in black or white


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