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WorkSite 230mm mini-Level [WT4054]
WorkSite 6pcs HSS Twist Drill Bits Set [WXDB06]
WorkSite 60w Electric Soldering Iron [WT9010]
WorkSite 600w Electric Blower [EBR129]
WorkSite 710w Electric Impact Drill [EID448]
WorkSite Digtial Multi-Meter [WT9048]
WorkSite 8pcs Double Open End Wrenches [WT2714]
WorkSite Socket Wrench [WT2186]
WorkSite 75mm Putty Knife [WT3139]
WorkSite 6in1 Screwdriver [WT5230]
WorkSite 7Pcs Screwdriver Set [WT1606]
WorkSite 6Pcs Precision Screwdriver [WT8091]
WorkSite 600g Axe with Fibreglass Handle [WT3042]
WorkSite 5pcs Masonry Drill Bits Set [XMDB05S]
WorkSite 230mm Standard Caulking Gun [WT9027]
WorkSite 150mm Bench Grinder [BG106]
WorkSite 100w Glue Gun With 2pcs Glue [GGN110]
WorkSite 115mm Cut off Wheel [XCOW412-3.0]
WorkSite 230mm Grinding Wheel [XCOW9]
WorkSite 230mm Cut off Wheel [XCOW9-3.0]
WorkSite 230mm Angle Grinder [AG425]
WorkSite 200A DC Inverter Welding machine [WMMA200]
WorkSite 115mm Angle Grinder [AG610]
WorkSite 1100w Electric Impact Drill [EID452]

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