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PDMK7 7 piece drum microphone set.PDMK7 7 piece drum microphone set.
ARTEMIS-12PM Active 12" co-axial stage monitor.ARTEMIS-12PM Active 12" co-axial stage monitor.
PWP-1 Personal in ear monitoring amplifier.PWP-1 Personal in ear monitoring amplifier.
ARTEMIS-15SB Active 15" sub woofer.ARTEMIS-15SB Active 15" sub woofer.
ARTEMIS-12SB Active 12" sub woofer.ARTEMIS-12SB Active 12" sub woofer.
ARTEMIS-15PD Active 15 speaker with DSP.ARTEMIS-15PD Active 15 speaker with DSP.
ARTEMIS-12PD Active 12 speaker with DSP.ARTEMIS-12PD Active 12 speaker with DSP.
MERCURY P10.2 Active portable column array system.MERCURY P10.2 Active portable column array system.

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