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Midas DN4888 StageConnect Interface

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R 8,650
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Midas DN4888 8-Channel Digital Stage Box

Bus-Powered Stage CONNECT Interface with 8x8 Analog In/Out and Dual Ultranet Outputs



The DN4888 is the perfect solution for connecting additional equipment to your monitor or FOH console. It provides 8 additional analogues in and outputs to enable for 8 analogue inserts or the connection to wireless devices, like 8 wireless microphones and 8 wireless in-ear systems. 

The Stage Connect interface can be connected to other Stage Connect devices using a single XLR cable for multi-channel audio transmission. There are various I/O options available providing easily scalable connectivity in your side rack. The devices of the DN48XX Series can be daisy-chained and will negotiate the channels for their respective connectivity automatically. 


Stage Connect – The Future of XLR

What if any standard XLR or DMX cable could be used to transmit more than one channel of audio?

What if that cable could transmit signals not only one way, but bi-directionally?

What if that cable would allow the passage of control data or even MIDI at the same time?

What if a connected Stage Connect device could receive up to 18 W of power through that same cable?

Well, these capabilities are exactly what Stage Connect delivers – a new interface standard to be released by Music Tribe after two years of development. The Midas DN48XX Series is one of the first available I/O-Interfaces based on the Stage Connect-Standard. This new standard comes with outstanding technical specs: 32 channels of uncompressed PCM audio in various I/O configurations, 24-bit at 48 kHz, below 0.05 ms of latency.

For optimum performance and long cable runs 110 Ohm DMX cable is required.


Ecosystem and Beyond

The DN48XX Series is the first generation of I/O Interfaces for the new Stage Connect ecosystem. Stage Connect was introduced with the Behringer WING mixing console. Even though the DN48XX Series was designed with the WING console in mind the devices can be used with all Stage Connect devices like HUB4. The Stage Connect Ecosystem opens a wide field of audio devices. May it be several I/O devices spread over the Stage or equipment in the side rack - the use cases for the DN48XX Series Stage Connect Interfaces are virtually endless. 


Cascade Interfaces to Meet Your Requirements

No matter if you want to use Stage Connect for connecting wireless systems, external effects or playback systems, the devices of the DN48XX series can easily be daisy-chained to meet the requirements of your respective I/O configurations. With a total bandwidth of 32 channels, all combinations ranging from 32 inputs over 16 in and outputs in parallel to 32 outputs can be achieved using different combinations of DN48XX interfaces connected using a simple XLR cable. 


Power via DC or Stage Connect

The DN48XX Series devices can be powered via DC or via Stage Connect. By design, every SC Master provides 18W of power that can be used by devices in the chain. Depending on the respective power consumption multiple devices in the chain can be phantom powered by a single Master device. It should be noted that an SC device in the chain that is supplied with DC power can supply other devices connected to its Master Port as well. To check your respective setup for power consumption, use the Stage Connect Calculator (SSC Tool). This tool checks a virtually configured chain for the DMX cable lengths, power supply, audio routing and other parameters. 


Automatic Bus Configuration

There are two ways to configure an SC Chain. Either you can manually configure the chain using devices like WING or let the Automatic Bus Configuration do its work. This process adapts the input and output configuration of the SC Bus depending on the connected devices. Simply connect devices and the Master device of the chain will automatically change the routing. To check and plan setups, the SSC Tool software is available, providing information about the routing and DMX cable length, power management and other parameters. 


Analogue I/O for External Effects

The DN4888 features 8 balanced line-level in and outputs that can feed external FX processors. All you need to do is mount the DN4888 to your effect rack and connect it to your Console using a single XLR cable. This way you can save local outputs, reduce setup time and increase reliability considerably. Alternatively, these connections can be used for wireless transmitters and receivers or any other application requiring additional analog in and outputs. 


ULTRANET – Seamless Integration

The well-established ultranet technology transmits up to 16 independent channels of 24-bit digital audio via a single CAT5 cable between compatible digital devices. The DN48XX Series devices serve Ultranet connectivity for translation between Stage Connect and Ultranet. This way more than 1 million Ultranet products in the market like the P16 monitoring system, AIR mixers and Turbosound speakers can be integrated in the Stage Connect ecosystem. 


Stage Connect Calculator

The Stage Connect Calculator is a tool that can be used for checking and planning setups. You can create a virtual SC chain to study the upstream and downstream routing. The calculator also indicates parameters maximum DMX cable lengths, power budget and the overall stability of your connection.  

You can virtually change the configuration of individual devices, change their order and intuitively add or remove devices from the chain. This allows you to explore the possibilities of routing signals through the new ecosystem. 

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